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I want to say a big THANK YOU to the folks below--the writers of these blogs are super-awesome and are either fans of this website, writers who link to this website, friends of The Grammarphile, frequent readers, and/or site contributors. These bloggers, friends, and fans are a big part of the reason I love writing this blog so much and devote insane amounts of time to it--I couldn't (and wouldn't) be able to do this without a great group of readers, whose support I always appreciate. Make sure you check out the following websites and tell their authors that The Grammarphile from Red Pen, Inc. sent you! Happy reading!

Time Well Spent

Learn English

Last Mayor of Brooklyn


Lotus Skin Care

Dry Humor Daily

My So Called Life

Steinmetz Stuff

...aka darzy...

A Day in the Life...

a monument to a feeling

And One More Makes...

Aramink's site


betseeee knits!

Bill's Words

Blonde Savant



Bowl of Cheese by Jeff Cutler

The Brooklyn Boy's Adventures of an Almost Alpha

California Commuter Confessions

Chunk in the Trunk

Coles NYC

Collarbone High

Core Game Host

Cummings Chronicles

A Day in the Life of Jenna

Day Dreaming

"Dive Bar" Review

Doings at Useless Ranch

Don't Take the Repeats

The Dragon's Pen

drew plays drums.

E Is Random


Ellusionist Magic News


EVula's Lair

4 Handfulls

Fabulously Broke in the City

Fantasy Hatred

The Far Queue

Flip'n Crazy

Gidgett Charm-Your-Pants-Off

Girl Loves Boy

Global Watch Watch

Go! Magazine's Blogs

Granny Geek

Has Boobs, Reads Comics

The Heartland Diary of Betty B

Hedgie's Hideaway

The Humble Pen

Humdoodle Network

I am disHeartened by My Jetta

I Blame You.

I Don't Care What You Say Anymore, This Is My Life

Illumination: The Fyrefly Jar Weblog

It's Loverly

It's Something To Do

JBlue Afterglow

Jezebel's Rant

Just a Small Town Girl

The Justin Files Online

Just Some Kind of Groovy Mayhem

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf's "KOK Edit" site--an excellent resource for copywriters

KC's Couch

Lady Styx Memories

Last Shreds of Sanity

Learning to Fly

Librarian's Guide to Etiquette

Life & Times of NotSoccer Mom

Life With My 3 Boybarians

Literary Rejections On Display

Living, Learning, and Loving the Law.

Lovely Distractions

Magazine Smiles

Maggie Walks

Magnolia Kelly

maloney's musings

Mandalagal's deviantART Gallery

Matt Meyer on BOB Radio

The Misadventures of Svenn

A Modest Opinion


Moxie Mama

The Mugwumps

Olympic English 101

On the Waterside Blog

Output from a Shrinking Brain

Palm Desert Daily Blog

pants design


Persnickety Ticker

Phillies Flow

pictures, architecture and some random musings...

Please, Stop Bouncing

Popcorn Bytes

Proof (v.)

Provo Prose

Publishing Careers

Rainy Saturday

Ranting Radish

The Reasonable Ego

The Redhead-Next-Door

Save Grammar

scotch tape and matchbox cars

scrapgeek blogspace

second hand fortune

See Ann, See Ann Run

Shades of Gray

Shenandoah Writing Services

Slices from the PearLady

Sojourn North

Stall Wall Poetry

Stephens Family Blog

Stephsk8r's Corner of the Ice



Technobabbles - Voyagerfan5761's Blog

Temporarily Me

The Because Everybody Has One Blog

The Blog of Bex

The Growing Season

the lowerlife

The Mermaid's Wheel

The Space Robot Notebook

The Sports Hernia

The Unsurly

That Other Blog, Way Over There

Things to Worry About


Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude


Using English

What Have You Done Today?

Writing to Sanity

Work It, Mom!


X Marks the Spot