Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh look, there's my pet peeve.

So I've been kinda busy lately doing other writing projects. Between editing novel #1 and writing novel #2, I don't always get the luxury of having lots of time for fun stuff like this. But one thing that's guaranteed to get me out of grammarphile-style hibernation is a less vs. fewer error.

Seriously, screwing up less vs. fewer is my biggest grammar-related pet peeve. To me, it's the grammatical equivalent of wearing Crocs or a Forever Lazy--it's something you Just Don't Do, like ever, but especially not when there are witnesses. Splashing a less vs. fewer error on the home page of a popular news website is a similarly horrifying idea. And yet, that's exactly what someone at this website did.

I saw this error before noon today--it's after 8 PM now, and I'm still shaking my head and sighing.

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