Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR for March 13, 2013

I saw this and couldn't resist posting it...  Did you know sperm have tales?  Not tails, but tales...and whirling tales, at that! 

Part of the reason I've been blogging so infrequently is because I've been off writing a tale myself--it's not a whirling tale, but instead a tale of fiction.  I'm sooooooo close to being finished the first draft...  (And then comes revision.  Fun!)

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello to those of you who still pop in here from time to time.  Enjoy your Hump Day, everyone!  :)


MarieC said...

Is whirling their tales like spinning a yarn? (Glad you are back!!)


Haha, Marie! :) I'm back intermittently--especially as baseball season approaches!--but I have too much fun with this blog to go away for good. I'm happy you're still here and reading this blog!