Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm feeling particularly lazy today, so I only have two links for you this time.  I'm really not a slacker...I'm just writing what seems like seventeen million things right now, none of which are getting done quickly enough.  I had an allergy scare the other day--I ate something I knew I was allergic to, but it wasn't disclosed in the product's ingredients, so I didn't know I'd eaten it until I had an allergic reaction and then emailed the manufacturer to quiz them on what spices might have been in the frozen dinner I'd made, and they confirmed that something I'm allergic to was indeed in the meal (the meal's packaging just said "spices" were included, which obviously isn't specific).  Anyway, one of the thoughts running through my head as I was trying to breathe was "Oh shit, I'm going to choke to death from an allergic reaction and I haven't finished writing a single effing book yet."  So I'm working on the book again, the one that's my baby.  Gotta finish it while I'm still breathing normally, you know?  ;)

But I digress.  Here are your Lazy-Ass Friday links...

Did you know that toddlers can understand complex grammar?  Let's hope they all grow up to be grammarphile types... 

Yahoo Shine noticed a pretty big Old Navy grammar FAIL.  Well, more like a punctuation FAIL.  Hey Old Navy, if you're reading this, click here to email a kickass grammarphile who would happily edit your stuff on a freelance basis!

Have a fab Friday, everyone...and to my fellow East Coasters, stay safe in the craptastic weather!

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Terribly Write Laura said...

I find it hilarious (in a sad kinda way) that the Yahoo editor who wrote that article about the missing apostrophe in the Old Navy T is such a horrible writer herself. She's been known to publish articles with more than 50 grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and other errors. Yikes.