Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Grammar: July 20, 2011

Kids, there's nothing funny about a penis being chopped off.  (The thought makes me cringe, and I don't even have a penis; I can't imagine how un-funny guys must think this sort of thing is.)  

But you know what's funny?  When Copyeditors Needed Now screws up a really simple headline (the word in question should be off, not of), and then the combination of this headline and the rest of the list of headlines is freakin' hilarious.  I guess comfort sex does not happen when one's penis is cut off...and when it comes to sex I suppose it's better to be either a switch or an iron than, say, a knife and/or a garbage disposal...

Happy Hump Day, everyone...don't let your Hump Day involve the cutting off of any valuable equipment, OK?