Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR for July 6, 2011

Usually I see the opposite sort of error: somebody writes pubic instead of public, which makes me giggle my snarky little ass off.  Here someone actually meant to write pubic, and instead she wrote public.  The context of the sentence--"This is undermined by the fact that public hair (usually) isn't visible in the same way a mustache is"--makes it even more hilarious, since she wrote public instead of pubic when trying to articulate that pubic hair is generally not made public.  *giggle*

On a related note, the new job I've taken is in public relations, and damned if I don't double- and triple-check any materials that include my name and title, lest I make a public/pubic error in a corporate environment, making both an ass and a hypocrite out of myself in the process.  ;)

Happy Hump Day, you wild and crazy kids!


mama grammarphile said...


Love you.


Thanks, Mom--love you, too! :)