Monday, May 2, 2011


It looks like a couple groups collaborated to create this amusing sign.  An anti-punctuation group took on the top portion, Misspellers Anonymous tackled the middle, and the Department of Redundancy Department took care of the bottom part of the sign.  Nice collaboration, but poor execution...  Thanks to MICHAEL for spotting this one!

On a rather unrelated note, just in case you haven't seen this already, check out Breaking Copy's coverage of local news stations making some rather egregious typos during the coverage of last night's news about Osama bin Laden.  Thanks to LadyStyx for the link and heads-up!  And this screw-up (who the heck is that "bin Landen" guy, anyway?) is also pretty epic...


Maggie said...

Thanks for that link! I just KNEW there were going to be a ton of Osama/Obama mistakes. :)

I was studying abroad in Spain when 9/11 happened and I actually tried to buy a copy of El Pais the next morning to read about it, because it's supposed to be the best newspaper there, but it was sold out almost immediately after shops put it on the shelves. So I think it's especially funny that their website made the same error!


I figured there would be, too--especially since pople would be so rushed reporting the news. I didn't expect the errors to be as bad as they were, though (confusing Obama and Osama? Yikes!).