Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apparently the upgrading doesn't extend to their signage...

There's probably no need for the British spelling of "apologize" here, as this sign is posted at a gas station in New York.  But since I'm one of those silly Americans who is totally charmed by all things British (at the top of the very long list: Muse, Refreshers candies, and Alexander McQueen), I'm OK with letting that spelling slide.

However, I can't let the other thing slide.  You know, that whole "upgrading ourself" thing.  It's one of the more absurd errors I've seen lately, and I'm thrilled that this is not a gas station I regularly pass by during my day-to-day travels...seeing this goofy sign every day would seriously drive me nuts.  Like, nuts to the point of going out there in the middle of the night and taking a chainsaw to the bottom of the sign so that the writing on the sign ends with the word "upgrading."  At this point I don't care what they're upgrading, and I don't care if the sign specifically mentions what they're upgrading--but that "ourself" really needs to go.

Thanks to JOHN B. for spotting this crazy sign!


Natasha said...

Oh, it makes me cringe! The company that prints the signs should have to employ an editor to ensure we don't have to endure this anymore!!

Title Loans said...

This sign makes me cringe, too! I agree with Natasha- there should be an editor of some sorts for printing such things, just to make sure companies want to spend money to humiliate themselves.