Monday, April 25, 2011

MISSPELLING MONDAY for April 25, 2011

When it comes to mistakes on checks, "each" isn't what I'd prefer to see messed up.  I'd much prefer to see a "misspelling" of the dollar amount on the check...specifically, the next check I receive, I'd like to see a few more zeroes and an additional comma in the Total section of the check.  ;)

Thanks to AMELIA from Lovely Little Lexemes for spotting this one!


Auto Title Loans said...

If only the banks made more errors in the area of zeros next to deposits, I and the world would be a very happy place. Although, I'm sure a lot of employees would be out of jobs. Was this a local bank or national one? Shame on it if it's national.

MarieC said...

EACK! That's a scary typo. ;-)

Jiu Jitsu Los Angeles said...

This would make me very wary of banking with them! If you can't spell words on your deposit slips right, how credible can you be with money?!