Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Opening Day!

I know that for many of you, baseball's Opening Day was yesterday.  But since I'm a Phillies, Twins, and Rangers fan, in that order...*my* preferred Opening Day is today.  I only marginally paid attention to yesterday's games, and that was only for fantasy baseball purposes; I was pleased to see that Mo got me a K and a save and that Werthless got me one measly hit.  Hopefully my favorite baseball teams as well as my fantasy team (which is packed with Twins) will all do well on Opening Weekend.

Anyway, Deadspin did all the work for me today--no need for me to go crazy trying to find a baseball-related grammar or spelling screw-up since they already found a couple spelling FAILs made by Washington Nationals personnel.  Click here to check out those amusing errors.

Yes, that's all the Red Pen, Inc. you're getting for today.  I'm too busy being giddy about, and therefore totally distracted by, a Halladay/Myers pitching matchup, a Twins Opening Day that involves Morneau AND Mauer for what I think is the first time since June (baseball sideburns!!! *swoon*), and CJ Wilson on the mound for Texas.

Happy Opening Day to all my fellow baseball fans (especially the Phillies and Twins fans who read this blog)!  :)


keps1230 said...

M&M is back BABY! WOHOO!
Last night I was trying to decide what Twins thing I'd wear today... I had it all planned out when it hit me... I bought a new Morneau jersey over the winter that I haven't got to wear yet!!!!!!!! I can't believe I totally forgot about it. Thank God for casual Fridays and the Twins opener falling on that day!! :)


Nice! Enjoy the new jersey! :D I'm wearing my lucky red stilettos today...and my Twins cap is tucked in my bag for good luck!

Karate Santa Monica said...

I'm in the middle of watching the Cubs getting destroyed by the Pirates. I can't say that my Opening Day is "happy," but it's a good thing I'm used to losing! Best of baseball season to you!


It shocks me that the Pirates are able to destroy *anything*--sorry for your Cubbies!