Friday, March 25, 2011

I should probably step away from the blog and actually start studying for my fantasy draft...

I've got baseball on the brain--big surprise, right?  I've been spending so much time reading up on (and fretting about) the Phillies and their injuries that I've spent absolutely no time so far studying for my fantasy draft on Sunday.  I'm only in one fantasy league this year due to time constraints (I'm generally in 2 or 3 leagues), and I haven't even looked at any of my fantasy baseball magazines yet, aside from staring at their covers and thinking "This cover would look so much better if it included Joe Mauer."

As nerdy as it sounds, this weekend I'll be doing two things: writing (as usual) and studying my fantasy baseball magazines, trying to remember that it's a good idea to pick my players based on stats and projections as opposed to picking them based on who's cute (the days of picking Jeff Francoeur in, like, the sixth round because he has a nice smile are over).  This is my fourth year doing fantasy baseball, and this year I actually want to win the league...I've come in second twice in previous years, but second place is the first loser, and dammit, this year my team of BILFs will not be a loser team!

In honor of my desperate need to study up on fantasy baseball and in honor of baseball season being right around the corner, today's post is, of course, a baseball-themed error, brought to us by the lovely MARIE C.  Thanks, MARIE, for finding this one!


keps1230 said...

I'm co managing a team this year... I've got Joey Joe Mauer and Cliff Lee and Chase Utley :)
Good luck with your draft!


*squeal* That is a wonderfully BILFtastic team! I hope all of them have great seasons...and I hope Utley gets better soon! :)