Monday, February 7, 2011

SHOP TALK: Valentine's Day Gifts & Wearables

This Valentine's Day, I'm going to be quite single--but that doesn't mean I don't have valentines to spend the day and evening with!  My valentines are these guys...

...and I couldn't be happier about it.  :)

February 14 is when Phillies pitchers and catchers report, and I'm gonna be in a state of baseball giddiness that day.  Just knowing these guys are out there practicing, getting themselves prepared to be totally kickass this year, and looking ridiculously attractive in their red pinstriped uniforms...well, that's enough to make this little baseball fan feel all warm and tingly, you know?

On Valentine's Day, I'm gonna be wearing my new Cliff Lee shirt and probably also my red and white-striped thigh highs...but for those ladies who do not have a date with baseball on February 14, you may want to wear something more Valentine's-ish if you're headed out on a hot date.  Here are some fun suggestions for festive Valentine's Day attire.  (And guys, take note--any of these pieces would work well as a gift for your lady!)

These Marc Jacobs heels are hot, hot, hot! 

This Betsey Johnson necklace is super-sweet...

These Vivienne Westwood shoes are SO CUTE...and they come in a variety of colors.  This purple is my fun!

This sparkly, gorgeous Tarina Tarantino pendant comes in a couple different colors, but I like this basic, sparkly red heart the best...

Speaking of sparkly red hearts, how cute is this clutch?

These Disney Couture earrings from the Alice in Wonderland collection have a slightly gothic feel to them, but I think they're sooooo pretty...

If you're staying over at your sweetie's house and need to pack some makeup for the morning, this lips-adorned Juicy cosmetic bag is absolutely perfect:

And if you're just bitter about the whole concept of Valentine's Day, this bracelet is perfect for you:

All of the above gifts/wearables can be found at retailer I love because they offer free 2-day and/or free overnight shipping on their if you're coming down to the wire with no gift and/or nothing to wear, Endless is a great place to find a great gift and have it shipped quickly and free of charge.  (They offer free returns, too!)  Happy shopping!  :)


Liebchen said...

With Valentines like those, I don't think you need anyone/thing else.



Ha! I totally agree! :D