Monday, January 10, 2011

MISSPELLING MONDAY: January 10, 2011

I kinda wish there was an available entrance on 21st Street.  We could direct all the crappy spellers to that entrance, usher them into an auditorium, hand them dictionaries, and tell 'em to study up, because they'll be participating in a spelling bee.  I think watching a spelling bee--especially one where the contestants are all bad spellers--would be more entertaining than watching a chess tournament...  ;)

Thanks to MICHAEL for sending in this picture!


Fellow beautyphiles, I've found the best body scrub for winter!  It's Philosophy's Candy Cane body scrub, which is actually gentle enough for you to use on your face.  Read my article about it here.  If you're not into scrubs, you can get the same great scent in a soothing lip gloss, delicious lotion, and refreshing 3-in-1 here.  Personally, I think winter sucks (I haaaaaaate snow, and more's on the way this week!), but minty, winter-scented stuff like the Candy Cane products are fun, at least!  :)

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