Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR: January 12, 2011

That's one little science experiment I don't need to personally find the answer to--but if any of you little snow bunnies attempt sex on snow today, feel free to let me know if any of that snow underneath melted!  (But that's all I want to know.  Please keep the other details to yourself!)

As for me, I'm working from home--good thing, since it's 10 AM and I guess (from the fact that there's been no attempt whatsoever to dig me out) my landlords just assumed I wasn't leaving the house.  Until someone comes from the other side of that gate and removes some of the snow, I'm not going anywhere.  I can't even tell how much snow my town got because this is the only view I have outside my apartment, and it's just a wall of snow!

Happy Hump Day...and if you're in a snowy state like I am, be careful out there!


Anonymous said...

On that snow question, I was mighty wet and cold by the end. In fact it was so wet and cold that I believe I now understand the "cold shower" cliche. this is a guy speaking, maybe women would find it invigorating.


LOL!!! I'm glad somebody had the guts to try it, at least! :)

keps1230 said...

oh honey, that's nothing...
check out my car during our blizzard

uuughhh!! I think we had 18 inches of snow that day if I remember correctly (I was sorta high on percoset!)

THE GRAMMARPHILE said... live in Minnesota with a baseball team hot enough to melt all that snow! I live in the metro NY area, and the closest team to me is the Mutts. Er...*Mets*. And they're sooooo not hot! ;)

We got about 15 inches of snow that day...and I had to haul my ass out there and shovel (despite having 2 herniated discs and sinusitis) because if it was up to my landlords, I'd STILL be snowed in at my apartment!