Monday, January 3, 2011

Back in business!

Hi there, lovely Red Pen, Inc. readers!  Hope your New Year's was grand and that your champagne hangovers have gone away.  As for me, I'm back to the daily grind, trying to focus on actual work, which is difficult; my mind's on my novels (the one I'm currently writing and the three other ones that are backlogged in my twisted little brain) and all I wanna do is write.

Regardless, I'm back at the blogging and therefore back in business...unlike the above store, which is not only going out of business, but also prepositionally preposterous.  They should have used of, not for, on that sign.  (Unless they go "out for business" the way that most of us go out for lunch...I dunno?  Yeah, I know, I'm really reaching here...)  The best part: they plastered that sign up in the window not once but twice, just so we couldn't possibly miss seeing all that awkwardness!

Thanks to DON for spotting this one!


mama grammarphile said...

I believe that this is just a sneaky marketing ploy to bring in customers, and that they actually
meant what they said on the sign.

It must work, because I have seen
many stores in this area using the
same tactic.

Go figure, huh?

Love you.


Ha! Well, I'll tell you this much: It's not gonna bring in any grammarphile types of customers! ;)

Love you too, Mom!