Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Voila! A spelling error!

Oh, my.  I certainly wouldn't want to be a "voilator"--whatever the hell that is--because not only would I risk being arrested, but I'd also be the victim of a typo.  Yikes!

Thanks to MICHAEL for sending this one in!


Bridgete said...

I say "voila" a lot...does that make me a voilator? ;)


Hahaha! Perhaps it does! ;)

malkie said...

1. Is it tenants and their guests only who are subject to the "no trespassing" rule?

2. If none of the trespassing "voilators" are subject to arrest, does that imply that people who do not trespass may be arrested?

3. Why is it that, in spite of the many errors, it is extremely unlikely that an average native English speaker would give this a second glance, as the intended meaning is perfectly clear?