Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY: December 28, 2010

So Christmas in Pennsylvania went well--my parents and boyfriend all seemed to like each other (yay!), I had a nice time with my boyfriend's family, my parents' kitties were only mildly mischievous, and there was plenty of good food and fun presents.  We even managed to outrun the blizzard, leaving Saturday night instead of Sunday daytime like we'd planned, but we got back to NY before the stupid snow hit.  Oh, and I got to see the Statue of Liberty on our way around the city...from how excited I was, you'd never guess I've been living in the NY metro area for nearly 4 years now.  (When I go from NY to PA, I don't take a route that brings me past the Statue of Liberty, but the boyfriend's preferred route is the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which brought us right by it.  Thank goodness he was driving; I had my nose pressed against the window, being all touristy and stuff!)

And now I'm back in the snowy state of New York, back at work, and back to mocking bad grammar.  It's lovely to see that some things never change...like being able to count on people making homonym errors.  That trend doesn't go away--it stays stationary!  (The sign above, however, should say stationery--you know, like paper and stuff.  But it doesn't!)

Thanks to MICHAEL for the homonym error!  And thanks to Chloe, my parents' adorable kitty, for being the subject of the most entertaining picture I took during the holidays...

(She's yawning, not screaming...I swear!)


MarieC said...

Glad you got home safe before "Snowmageddon" hit. Happy New Year!!


Thank you, Marie--Happy New Year to you and yours! :)