Friday, December 10, 2010


In previous editions of Shop Talk, I've been talking a lot about gift recommendations for you to buy your family and friends, but this week's edition will focus on a different thing to shop for--gifts for yourself!  Holiday parties are coming up, and I'm going to recommend some fun things for you to buy to wear to your holiday gatherings.

This post was inspired by how I have an event coming up for which I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to wear.  It's not a "I have nothing to wear" situation--I have plenty to wear.  But which outfit do I wear?  I'll be attending a happy hour with my boyfriend and his co-workers, and I want to look nice, but not overdressed or underdressed.

* If you think it's crazy that I'm already trying to plan out what to wear next week, consider this: for the past 2 weeks, I've already been trying to figure out what to wear to next year's Phillies Phestival, a charity event I attend each year.  That's not until the spring/summer, and I'm already mildly obsessing about an outfit.

My philosophy on dressing for special occasions (ie, anything that isn't work, a routine visit with a friend, etc) is this: either choose an outfit that's interesting and memorable (my favorite choices are any of my Betsey Johnson dresses) or choose a more toned-down outfit that you jazz up with one or two really snazzy accessories.  I tend to go the latter route more often--I can't wear fun, frilly Betsey dresses everywhere (I could, but I'd get some funny looks!), plus I have a ton of really cool accessories that I don't wear every day, and I tend to bring out the really nice, uber-designer stuff for more special occasions.  I might wear a black top and gray pants, but pair them with my kickass gray suede Miu Miu heels.  Or a black top and jeans and plain black heels, but wear my Alexander McQueen silk/chiffon skull scarf around my neck.  Or maybe a plain pink top with black pants and black heels, and carry a pink and black leopard print Betsey bag.  I truly believe accessories make the outfit...and that's the heart of today's Shop Talk post.  I'm going to recommend some fun statement pieces to give your outfits just the right amount of sparkle this holiday season.  All of my recommendations today come from love that site because they offer free overnight or 2-day shipping on nearly everything.  So if you're looking for a last-minute little something to jazz up your outfit, is the perfect place to go!

Today I'll be recommending items in three categories: shoes, handbags, and jewelry.  Let's start with my picks for jewelry:

* I love this Kate Spade Jingle Bells gold cluster ring!  You won't be sneaking up on anyone while wearing it, but it's both festive and classy at the same time.

* This is perfect for your New Year's festivities.  This Kate Spade "This Year I Will" gold bangle bracelet has cute resolutions (like "fall head over heels" and "read the classics") inscribed on it!  Absolutely adorable.

* This Kenneth Cole cocktail ring is beautiful!  It reminds me of a cold, starlit winter sky.  A gorgeous statement cocktail ring, sparkly but not too over-the-top.

Now let's move on to handbags...

*I love this Jessica Simpson "VIP Lady" clutch; the shimmer and texture make it a really fun little bag.  It's a bright, shiny red for the holidays, but once the holidays are over, you could take this plenty of other places, too.

* This BCBGeneration sequined fold-over clutch is gorgeous, festive, and reasonably priced.  I like the black/gold one best, but they also make it in magenta/silver and nude/silver.

* I've seen this beautiful Juicy Couture shimmer quilted wristlet at Bloomingdale's, and I can't stop petting it every time I go by.  The material is so soft, and the sparkle is so much fun!  They have this in a couple colors, but I think the light pink is the most fun.

And now let's talk about my favorite!

* As many of you know, I'm a stiletto addict.  I'm also a Betsey Johnson addict.  And if I was going to a party and had a little black dress (or possibly a little silver dress) to wear, I'd wear these amazing shoes.  The cluster at the front of the shoe looks like snowflakes, and the color of these shoes is just gorgeous!

*I am also a Marc Jacobs addict--so of course I'm going to show you two kickass pairs of Marc Jacobs shoes.  For those who like heels, these lip-print ones are totally saucy--and for those who like flats, these are seriously the cutest freakin' flats I have ever seen!

*I love this Kate Spade "Abbie" flat...and I hardly ever love flats.  I also have to say that Kate Spade makes some of the most comfortable designer shoes--I own a pair of basic black peep-toe wedge heels I couldn't live without!  If you're standing around all night at a party, your feet will be happy in Kate Spade's shoes.  They make this Abbie in black, gray, and this cool magenta color--I think the magenta, with its multicolored bauble, is the most festive!

Hopefully these recommendations will be useful to you when you're planning your next party outfit!  And if you're looking for some quick style tips, I highly recommend checking out Magpie Style--she's got an excellent blog (no grammar snafus there--she's a good writer!) and has a lot of great style tips!

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Not sure--that wasn't a picture I took myself; a reader sent it in, and I have no clue where she might have found it. If I were you, I'd turn to the almighty Google, who is pretty good at finding nearly everything. :)