Thursday, December 2, 2010

New stuff! More stuff! Edgier stuff! (And lower prices, too!)

With the holidays here (happy Hanukkah!) and/or just around the corner (Christmas shoppers, I'm talkin' to you), I figured it was about time to update Red Pen Couture, the official shop of Red Pen, Inc.  Seriously, who wouldn't want their stocking stuffed with grammar-related goodness?

The older Red Pen Couture designs were cute, but...very cutesy.  I've added edgier items like the Grammar Bitch apron, the Grammar Slut thong, and the Grammar Slut thermos bottle, which I know you're just gonna use as a big flask, you freakin' hussy.

If you're still looking for cutesy stuff, this new "I kissed a grammarphile...and I liked it!" tank top is adorable.  So is the pink Grammar Slut tote bag (for carting around those guilty pleasure trashy romance novels...that you mark up with a red pen). 

Menfolk, never fear--I didn't forget about you!  Indulge your geeky side with a Grammar Wizard T-shirt or a Grammar Wars T-shirt (comes in such a pretty blue!).

If there's a grammar fiend/freak/slut/geek/etc in your life and you still don't have a holiday gift for 'em, peruse Red Pen Couture for a present that's the perfect combination of stylish, snarky, and slightly geeky!


MarieC said...

These are too cute! I hadn't better go for any of the "grammar slut" items, though. My 17-year-old son chewed me out on Facebook for using "hell" in one of my posts.


Hehe, thanks, Marie! And naughty you for using the word "hell"! (Oh, who am I kidding? LOL!)

Perhaps "Grammar Wizard" is a better (and edgy language-free!) choice for you or one of your boys! :)