Thursday, December 9, 2010

In praise of idiots.

So last night I was reading through the recent keywords people used to get to this lovely website of mine. I saw that someone got here using the keywords "flaming yon." I was like, "What the hell is a flaming yon?" Then I said "flaming yon" faster...and it hit me. The person meant to type "filet mignon." At first I wanted to *headdesk*, but then I wanted to giggle...and so I did indeed giggle.  A lot, in fact.  Because "flaming yon" really is kinda hilarious, isn't it?

If you see or talk to an idiot today, make sure to thank that idiot for his or her service.  While idiots can often be annoying (especially if they're pooping where they shouldn't be pooping), even more often, they make us laugh.  And who doesn't need a good laugh (or several) lately?  Please make sure to express your gratitude to idiots for being unintentionally entertaining.

To any idiots who may have stumbled upon this blog, I truly appreciate your idiocy.  Without people like you making signs and writing stuff in internet forums, I'd have far fewer writing-related errors for this blog.  Also, we're not laughing at you--we're laughing with you.  Really!  (Well, sometimes...)

Thanks to MAGGIE for sending in today's featured picture!


mama grammarphile said...

Hmmm...flaming yon with ho-made bbq sauce, anyone?

Love you.


LOLOLOLOL! File that under Stuff Rednecks Eat... ;)

Love you too, Mom! :)