Monday, December 13, 2010

I'll keep your typos with mine (Warning: Dexter finale spoilers ahead!)

Ever since Lost has been off the air (son of a bitch!), my favorite currently-airing TV show is definitely Dexter.  I watched last night's finale and was surprised--no main/good characters were killed off, the "big bad" was killed off rather efficiently, and this season had a (sort of) happy ending--well, bittersweet for Dexter, but happy for many of the other characters.  While I found some of the plot points to be predictable, I found the characters themselves to be much less predictable--and this is what made the finale enjoyable for me.

I feel like most Dexter fans disliked the season 5 finale, just from what I've read on various message boards and comments on articles and TV recaps.  I think, in those cases, they're not focused enough on character growth; they're not seeing that while the plot was somewhat predictable, each of the main characters got a little more interesting.  Dexter, who spent much of this season having utterly human emotions toward Lumen, loses her from his life (but not in the way I'd thought--I figured Deb was going to take her down by mistake, and I was so very, very wrong...and I'm glad about that).  I didn't expect Lumen to be strong enough to be able to fly out of her and Dexter's bloody little nest; I'd have thought she needed more nurturing.  

I liked how Dexter handled the blood on Quinn's shoe--messing with the blood work so that Quinn wouldn't get nailed for Liddy's murder.  Dexter, having lost two people he cared for, didn't want Deb to have to suffer the same thing.  Speaking of Deb, her character development was my favorite--instead of catching the folks who killed Jordan Chase, she just let them go.  The old Deb, the ambitious and brash to a fault Deb, would never have done that; she, too, showed her human side by empathizing with Lumen, knowing what it felt like to be a victim, and letting Lumen--without, of course, actually knowing that it was Lumen, and that it was Dexter back there with her--be empowered and have her revenge.  Deb had a level of respect for these vigilantes, and her actions toward them showed that she's matured.  And hell, I even liked LaGuerta in this episode; not only was she not being a raging bitch, but I liked the scene at the end where she and Batista promised to start over, to make things better between them.

But one thing I do not like?  When people misquote really good lines.  Or make typos that make a quote screwy.  And that's exactly what this one writer did when writing about one of Dexter's best quotes of the finale, if not one of his best during the entire five seasons to date.  It should be "Don't be sorry your darkness is gone.  I'll carry it for you--always."  It, you silly writer, not if!  *headdesk*  Way to ruin a truly excellent Dexter quote!

Fellow Dexter fans, what did you think of last night's finale?  Were you disappointed with the plot, or are you intrigued with the interesting character developments that took place?


Bridgete said...

I think the character development MADE the plot interesting. I mean, I knew the characters were going to do the various things they did (like Deb not moving the plastic sheeting to see the vigilantes, Dexter helping Quinn get cleared, etc.) but it was stuff that they wouldn't have done. As for Lumen leaving, I don't think I knew she was going to leave, so that wasn't predictable. But, I was pretty sure they weren't working towards making Julia Stiles a permanent character, she was just this season's special guest star, so I knew something had to happen.


I agree 100%! These characters are really interesting, and the finale showcased their growth.

By the way--wonder what's gonna happen next season now that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are divorcing! I hope there's no animosity and that, say, Deb doesn't get whacked! LOL.

Bridgete said...

OMG they're divorcing? Of course, if I didn't rely on people like you to tell me these things I probably would have known already. I hope she doesn't get whacked too!


I don't pay much attention to tabloid news and gossip, but this one caught my interest because they've only been married a couple years...and because I can't help wondering what kind of impact this will have on next season!