Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR: Holiday Edition (December 22, 2010)

Santa, this sign's gonna make sweet Mrs. Claus blush...and possibly chase you around your North Pole kitchen with a rolling pin.  You freakin' man-slut, you!  How else would you get to be known as the top f*ck, hmmm?

OK, OK, I know the sign's supposed to read "flick," but...that's not what it looks like.  Not at all.  Therefore, we can mock it.  We're snarky grammarphile types; it's our job to mock such things.

Whoever made "flick" look like f*ck and committed an egregious apostrophe error ("flicks" should be apostrophe-free) most definitely deserves a bag of coal in his stocking!

Thanks to the lovely LadyStyx for spotting this holiday FAIL!


keps1230 said...

haha... It took me reading what you wrote to understand what was wrong with the sign... I totally read "flick's"!!
Maybe the source of my dirty mind was my gallbladder.... I hope not!

Jon said...

My wife noticed the "LI" in Clint Eastwood's name also looks like a "U" in certain type styles. I wouldn't call him that to his face, however.

Well this is awkward... said...

Thank you for making my morning!!!


@ Christy: LOL! Bring that dirty mind and come join us in the gutter--we have lots of fun there! :) (Hope the gallbladder's treating you better!)


@ Jon: Ooh, I never noticed that before! Your wife's quite observant! But yeah, I agree--probably not a good idea to call Mr. Eastwood a C-U-Next-Tuesday to his face! ;)


@ WTIA: Ha! I'm so glad! (By the way, I like your blog!) :)