Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR: December 29, 2010

OK, you guys, I'm starting to get worried that this "ho-made" thing is an epidemic.  What is it with this error being freakin' everywhere lately?  A couple weeks ago I posted about this lovely instance of something being "ho-made" wasn't the first time I posted about "ho-made" stuff, either.  Nor, as today's post proves, is it the last.

At least whoever advertised the "ho-made" sauerkraut is consistent, right?  *headdesk*  Thanks to STEVE for spotting these!

In only-very-loosely-related news regarding things that are homemade (as in, I write them at home) but certainly not "ho-made" (because I'm not a ho, thankyouverymuch), I'm doing some writing for  I'm the NY Beauty Products Examiner...those of you who know me outside of the blog (and especially for those of you who know me and who have actually seen my house and the insane amount of makeup and skincare products it contains) know this is the perfect little side gig for me.  I'm kind of a beauty junkie...OK, that's an understatement.  Anyway, this is my home page on Examiner, and if you're also interested in beauty and skincare, I'd love it if you check out some of my articles there!  I write about fun stuff like amazing mascaras, sweet-smelling skincare, kickass cleansers, and beauty deals, among other things.  Enjoy!


MarieC said...

I remember seeing HOMADE Chili Sauce in grocery stores as a kid and thinking even then that it was surely a misprint--or a very stupid company. But, it still exists today in the same bulbous jar I remember from my childhood. You think I'm kidding?

Maggie said...

Ho-made gets me every time!

I was wondering, are you going to do mainly product reviews or articles about makeup application and skin care in general? I'm a little clueless about the basics, and I would love to read your expert advice! :)


LOL, Marie! Maybe I'll have to purchase those as Christmas gifts for people next year, just for the giggles. ;)


Hi, Maggie! :) The bulk of my articles will focus on product reviews, but there will be skincare and makeup application tips in those articles. If, for instance, I talk about Urban Decay's eye primer potion (which is amaaaaaaazing!), I'll also talk about how much of it to apply, how long to wait before applying your eye shadow on top of it, which shadows work better or not as well over it, etc.

I'm really having fun writing these articles, and I will definitely be writing more of them, with more tips and tricks included!

Carlos said...

Really? Ho-Made? I've never seen such idiocy in my life. Jesus. WTF are people thinking. I'd like to think a ten-year-old could see that and think something didn't look right, and maybe ask a question or check a dictionary.


I'm not sure how I lost track of your blog, but I'm back :-)


Glad to see you back around here, Carlos! Hope you've been well! And I'm jealous you haven't been exposed to as many "ho-made" errors as the rest of us have, haha. :)