Monday, November 8, 2010

What's pink and wooden and broken all over?

You're probably wondering what that image above is, so I'll tell you.  It's a picture of my bed...which is broken.

Now I'll give you a moment to compose yourself after either laughing hysterically or saying something along the lines of "Do I really want to know how that happened?"  No need to tell me your jokes; rest assured I've already heard 'em from various friends and family members.  So take a minute to quit giggling so you can actually focus on spelling errors, OK?  ;)


Clearly I'm in the market for a new bed.  So I started doing some online research on mattresses, bed frames, and box springs (oh my!).  And in the process, I found...a spelling error.  (Oh, shocker.  A spelling mistake on a website?  Say it ain't so, Grammarphile!)

I thought this one was a pretty amusing error..."Posutrepedic" requires a whole extra syllable than the correct spelling of the word (Posturepedic).  Also, I can't help but think about sutures when I see this misspelling.

So yeah, after work today I'll be going out bed shopping.  The frame's not even being close to being stable right now (if I touch the footboard at all, the bed rocks like it's a little boat in the middle of the sea).  And the mattress may be nearly as old as I am, long as I'm replacing the bed, I may as well replace the mattress, too.  That way, once I buy a new bed/mattress, I can have someone deliver it all at once and also take away the creaky, unstable pieces of my current bed.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with more goofy grammar and whatnot...that is, if I survive another night sleeping in that creaky, swaying monstrosity above.  ;)


mama grammarphile said...

My poor baby...I hope you get your new bed soon.

Love you.


Me, too. I'll try not to break the new one. ;) Love you too, Mom!

keps1230 said...

I too am in the market for a new bed... I've had the same one for a good 15 years. As of late, I'm having some MAJOR back problems... waking up in the middle of the night in horrible pain. So let me know what you get and how you like it. You know, do the shopping for me ;)


I feel your pain. I have two herniated discs, so maybe getting a new mattress is a blessing in disguise right now. I've had this bed and its mattress I'm due.

I bought my new bed and mattress/boxspring at Sleepy's. They're having a sale through Veteran's Day, and I got some pretty good prices. Plus they're going to deliver my new stuff and take away most of my old stuff, since I'm too scrawny to do any of that lifting myself. My mattress is comfortable and was reasonably priced, and I only have to wait until tomorrow to have it and the bed delivered. Sleeping on the couch tonight won't be fun, but I'm looking forward to trying out the new bed tomorrow night!

MarieC said...

What kind of bed did you get?? I was going to suggest a Sleep Number, but I see I am too late.


Hi, Marie! I honestly have no idea what kind of bed I got, haha. It wasn't a Sleep Number, though--although I've heard great things about them! Hopefully it's a comfortable bed...I'll know tonight! :)