Thursday, November 4, 2010

What stresses you out?

I'm sure you can all guess what stresses me out--bad grammar and spelling, of course!  Problem is, I see it all the freakin' time.  So does MARIE, who found the crazy article above.  Was this writer going for a world record of highest number of errors one can make within 100 words?  We've got screwy spelling, homonym snafus, apostrophes where there shouldn't be any, and random/weird spacing.

I'm actually surprised New York and its metro area (where I live) didn't top the "stressed out cities" list.  (Seriously, Vegas?  Definitely not the city I'd have expected to be the most stressed.)  Riddle me this: If New York's not among the most stressed out cities, then why do so many New Yorkers drive like they're the most stressed out, batshit crazy people on earth?

Thanks, MARIE, for spotting this crazy bunch o' errors!

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