Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TO, TOO, TWO TUESDAY for November 2, 2010

Well, baseball season's over. And while I'm kinda disappointed that the Giants were the big winner in the end...looking back, it's been a really fun season.

I went to a bunch of Phillies games at home, including the first game of the NLCS. I went to watch my Twins play in three different cities. In the spring, I went to Yankee Stadium to see my Rangers play the Evil Empire and lose...but that was just the dress rehearsal. During the real show, the ALCS, the Rangers were all like, "Whoa there, Yankees...no World Series for you this year," which was pretty awesome (although less awesome when the Giants took the same sentiment and applied it to my Phillies).

I met Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Justin Morneau, and a bunch of other Phillies and Twins. CJ Wilson tweeted me once about Lost (I'm still retardedly giddy about this). I took a zillion pictures and watched as many games on TV, MLB.com, or at the ballpark as I could feasibly squeeze into a season, especially when I have three favorite teams (the hierarchy: Phillies, Twins, and Rangers, in exactly that order).

My Phillies came back from third place mid-season, had a hell of a comeback, and got all the way to the NLCS. They also had the best record in baseball, along with one perfect game and one postseason no-hitter (thanks to the amazing Roy Halladay). Cole Hamels got his groove back, we acquired Roy Oswalt, and hopefully--fingers crossed--in a few short days we'll be rid of that atrocious beard that hangs out in right field.

The Twins were the first team to clinch a postseason berth, and they did so without a clear ace on the pitching staff (note to Twins: PLEASE GET ONE OF THESE SOON). Liriano had a comeback year, Pavano was better than expected, Danny Valencia might be my favorite rookie who played in the 2010 season (I can't wait to see more outta him!), and my favorite Twin, Joe Mauer, got locked up as a part of the Twins organization for a loooooong time to come (yay!).

The Rangers had a hell of a year, too--making it all the way to the Fall Classic. I'm glad Hamilton had a fantastic season, Moreland's emerging as a clutch bat for that team, and it's been a pleasure to watch Colby Lewis and Neftali Feliz exceed expectations. I'm glad the Rangers managed to acquire Lee--now I hope they can hang onto him for a few more seasons.

After all the fun and excitement of the 2010 season, now here I am at the beginning of the offseason. It feels like an eternity between now and spring training. I already miss watching my favorite teams, drooling over baseball sideburns, and playing fantasy baseball. But in the meantime, for the next few months, now I can work on my book, sleep once in a while, and figure out what to send Joe Mauer to sign for me (I've heard he'll sign/send back to you things that you send him during the offseason. I've also heard that the weirdest thing he was ever sent was a pink plastic flamingo. I want to think of something weirder than that to send him, but I don't know what. Any ideas? And please don't suggest undergarments--so tacky and cliche, LOL!), among other things.

I suppose blogging falls under that "other things" umbrella, so here you go--a totally non-baseball-related grammar error. An anonymous submitter sent in this picture, remarking "Obviously a pond for shy fish..."

Happy Tuesday, everyone. (By the way, how the hell did it get to be November already? This is craziness!)


Bridgete said...

Aww, I saw that you posted today and I was hoping that someone saw something funny related to voting. But I do like the "coy" pond. It's kind of a cute error. :)


Well, nobody's sent me any funny voting-related errors yet today...perhaps later someone will! :) But yeah, this is a rather cute error. "Coy" fish make me giggle!

keps1230 said...

It's going to be a long off season... My niece is going to be two in December... I've taughter her well though... I was at their house last friday, and she looked at me and said "watch baseball?" I said sorry Haley, no baseball tonight... It'll be hard telling her no baseball for the next few months!
I'll try to help you think of something to send Joe.... He's a great guy. If he does not reply, his mom usually does!


Awww! I know just how little Haley feels! Poor child.

I still can't decide what to send to Joe! I have a spare Sports Illustrated magazine (with him on the cover) I could send and ask him to sign. That would travel decently and I could frame it if he sent it back signed. Or maybe I could buy a baseball card...not sure yet!