Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A tale of two signs...

Eek!  Last week, BRETT spotted this crazy sign in his apartment building.  There are so many errors squeezed into such a wee sign!

A day later, he sent this picture, remarking "Apparently I'm not the only grammarphile in my building."

While it warms my snarky little heart to know that there are grammar-focused folks out there who not only notice poorly-written signs but then take the appropriate steps to improve said signs' writing-related issues, I can't help but notice they didn't cross out the capitalized B in "Buttons."  (I don't think Freight Elevator should be capitalized, either, as I don't think it's a proper noun--but that might just be this grammar stickler's personal preference.  I know for damn sure "Buttons" should not be capitalized!) 

In any event, good job, junior grammarphile vigilante types--and thanks, BRETT, for these photos!


MarieC said...

I love that the sign got at least partially corrected! And, congrats on your new domain. Woo hoo!!!


I'm glad that at least the heinous misspelling of "freight" was fixed--my eyes hurt when I looked at that!

And thank you--I feel like a big girl now with her own freakin' domain! *squeal* :)