Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ring around the rosey, pocket full of poseys...or, perhaps, *posers*?

Now, I've thought for a while that--in spite of the Giants' catcher's stellar athletic abilities--"Posey" is kind of...well, a pansy sort of last name.  Especially for a professional baseball player.  I mocked the hell out of Posey during the NLDS just because I didn't like him (to clarify, the reason I didn't like him was because he was playing pretty well against my Phillies).

But now Buster's being called something worse than a pansy.  He's a poser!  And that's what one of his own fans called him!  Bwahahahaha! 

Of course, he's a poser with a championship jersey.  Which still makes him one up on my Phillies...  *sigh*


OneLifeLiveIt said...

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I dig it! :)