Friday, November 5, 2010

Plagiarize this--I dare you!

Hypocrites suck, don't they?  Just ask Monica Gaudio, who wrote an article for Gode Cookery--and then had that article swiped and plagiarized by somebody over at Cooks Source magazine.  Now, the plagiarizing really isn't cool--but what makes the situation worse is that, when Gaudio confronted the plagiarist, the plagiarist actually had the nerve to criticize Gaudio's article, saying that it had originally been poorly written before she sunk her plagiaristic little claws into it, among other things.

But there's a silver lining to this crappy cloud of blatant article thievery.  The email the plagiarist wrote to Gaudio in which she criticized Gaudio's work...well, I think you snarky grammar fiends will get a kick out of it.  Here it is:

So this delusional douchenozzle not only was incredibly rude and haughty in dealing with Gaudio, whose outrage, I feel, was completely justified--but she made herself look like a total hypocrite in the process.  I realize that people aren't as careful about their grammar and spelling in personal correspondence as they are in articles and other things that are meant to be published...but seriously, if you're going to criticize someone else's writing, wouldn't you want to make sure your own writing doesn't suck?  Especially your own writing in correspondence in which you're basically telling someone else that you think their writing sucks?

I'm Team Gaudio on this one.  Team Grammatically-Challenged Plagiarist can go suck it, don't you think?


Bridgete said...

I completely agree with you. I know that even I make mistakes, but if I'm correcting someone else's grammar, I make the extra effort to be sure mine is correct.


Exactly! Plus, when you're correcting someone else's grammar (to their face--not behind their back like I do on this blog, haha), it's always best to be POLITE. The plagiarist didn't need to be such a freakin' biatch when she criticized this writer.