Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Double the Hump Day posts, double your fun!

Well, I guess we know what this writer has on the brain today... (In case it's too small for you to read, the underlined word is "Wrtiters," which makes me...titter!)

I don't think about boobs often; I'm a straight girl with no real interest in boobs except for making sure that my own look nice in whatever outfits I'm wearing (and trying not to bust tank tops with my chest).  And I can guarantee you that whenever I'm thinking about baseball, I'm not also thinking about boobs (unless I'm having a thought like "Delmon Young, you freakin' boob, why didn't you CATCH THAT BALL???"). 

When I'm thinking about baseball, I'm thinking about stuff like this...

(Actually, I'm not just thinking about how gorgeous some of them are.  I'm thinking about their stats, whether they're gonna hit that ball outta the park, whether they'd be a good addition to my fantasy team, etc.)

Apparently the same is not true for the aforementioned baseball writer who's got boobs, not baseball, on the brain!  As for me, I just have baseball sideburns on the brain *swoon*...

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