Friday, October 8, 2010

PLAYOFF GRAMMAR for October 8, 2010

In my world, today's Hate On The Yankees Day. As a Twins fan, I haven't been very happy with the way the past two nights of Twins/Yankees games have gone. I really thought we could beat the Yankees at home. I thought if the Twins could get one of two wins at home, that the good guys would have this series in the bag.

But no. Now the Twins are headed to New York with a 2-game deficit. If the Yankees win one more game, my Twins are done. And that's a very, very, very sad thought. This team has been amazing all year and it kills me, absolutely kills me, to see another series of playoff games where the Yankees are beating them.

So right now I'm totally in a "I hate New York, I hate living here, I hate Yankees fans, and I hate all Yankees who are not named AJ Burnett" (What? He's gorgeous. I rarely find blonds attractive, but he's the exception!). I'm also in a "I'm really homesick for Philly" mood (as I sit here wearing my Utley shirt under a hoodie--yay, casual dress Fridays).

And about that picture at the top of this entry? The Yankees haven't won 28 World Series championships. They've only won 27. I know this because the the 27th one was against my Phillies. *sigh*

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's go, Phillies (today and Sunday), and let's go, Twins (tomorrow)!

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