Monday, October 25, 2010

PLAYOFF GRAMMAR for October 25, 2010

That's right. The Phillies aren't going to the World Series this year. No, I'm not happy. No, I won't be rooting for the stupid Giants.

But hey, did you guys know that the Phillies have a demon who can potentially play right field next season if Jayson Werth leaves? Maybe he can do all sorts of demon mischief out there, like magically catch balls that should have been homers, or try to possess the souls of the opposing team's batters and drain any I-want-to-get-a-hit energy out of them.

To be fair, Dominic Brown's name has a bit of an unconventional spelling (Domonic instead of the more widely-used Dominic), but seriously, dude's not a demon, and his name's not spelled Demonic. (If he was a demon, you'd think he could've made the Giants go down in flames in the NLCS. So either he's not a demon at all, or he's kind of a sucky one.)

In other news, I'm all about the claws and antlers in this year's World Series. Let's go, Rangers! And for my phellow Phillies phans who need a good piece of news on a Monday after a crappy weekend of sports--hey, at least the Yankees didn't make it to the Series this year, either! ;)


keps1230 said...

Well hello there, I was wondering how you were doing after the loss.. I was watching, confident that the Phillies would pull off a walk off win...
UGH. but yes, thank GOD there will be no sign of the Spankees in the series this year!!!!!!! AMEN!


Hi, Christy! I was pretty sad after the loss...thank goodness I'd been to see a kickass Muse concert earlier that night, or I'd truly have been inconsolable. ;) I hear ya--YAY for a Yankees-free World Series!