Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PLAYOFF GRAMMAR for October 19, 2010

OK, this isn't actually a grammar error, but it's an error nonetheless. MLB, you are sooooooo 2008! That, of course, is when Pat Burrell was actually on the Phillies. He then went to play for the Rays and then the Giants--that's his current team, which is currently battling the Phillies for the National League championship title. Trust me, Pat the Bat is not currently a Phillie (which sucks for me because I really do kinda miss the guy).

Tonight the Phillies take on the Giants (BILFy McBILF, ie Cole Hamels, vs Matt Cain), and I'm hoping Hamels has his head in the right place and pitches the game of his career. Let's go, Phillies!


mama grammarphile said...

I hope so, too, Sweetie. Go, Phillies!

It was so nice to have you home for the weekend. Miss you already.

Love you.


Go, Phillies, indeed! :D

Love you too, Mom--and I miss you, Dad, and the kitties already!

CARTUNES said...

Great posts here ;)
What an eye to find all those errors :p
Became a fan and glad to find your blog.

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Many thanks.