Monday, October 11, 2010

PLAYOFF GRAMMAR for October 11, 2010

You know what's even funner than just being in the playoffs? Advancing (not advnace-ing) in the playoffs to get to the NLCS. Congratulations, Phillies, for making it to the NLCS three years in a row...and for just generally being totally kickass. Between Halladay's no-hitter last week and Hamels' shutout last night, the Phillies are en fuego (or is that phuego? hehe!), and I couldn't be happier. I'm especially stoked since I get to go to the first NLCS game (thanks, Mama Grammarphile--you're the best!) on Saturday. I can't wait to cheer on my Phillies in person--it's gonna be (you guessed it) really, really phun. ;)


mama grammarphile said...

You are welcome, in advnace, for the opportunity to see Saturday's game. Let's hope you get to see a big win. :)

Love you.

keps1230 said...

Congrats to your boys :)
I watched the first few innings... the pitcher that was in last night, yummy :)
I should confess to you my other favorite team... it's the Braves... I was hoping for replay of the 91 world series this year... that's obviously not going to happen though!


LOL...thanks, Mom! I can't wait to see the Phillies during the month of Doctober! :D Love you, too!


Thanks, Christy! :) yes, Cole Hamels is yummy! He's also super-sweet...I've met him three times. As pretty and talented as he is, he couldn't be nicer--he's never seemed conceited or anything, which is just one more reason why he's awesome.

I was hoping for a Twins/Phillies WS this year...sigh. Not gonna happen, though...but I am proud of our boys! They had a great season (notice I'm saying nothing about their *post*season, haha). I'm actually hoping the Phillies play the Braves for the division title...but that's because I think we can beat them more easily than we can beat the Giants.