Monday, October 4, 2010


You guys should thank your lucky stars this morning, as you've been spared. Spared from what?, you're probably asking yourselves. Spared from lots of baseball talk, that's what. It's October, and I'm officially in playoff baseball mode. That's both a good and a bad thing. It's great because this is where I start really behaving myself due to baseball karma (which, along with the baseball gods, I am sure really exists). This means I'll be bringing donuts to work, rushing to hold doors open for little old ladies, not flipping people off when they cut me off on the road, tipping over the usual 20%, etc. Not that I'm not nice on a regular basis, but during the postseason, I turn it up a notch--basically, I'm Saint Nikki for about a month.

That being said, I eat/breathe/sleep/talk baseball for pretty much the entirety of October. The other night I was actually dreaming of Joe Mauer hitting a home run at Target Field. And the playoffs haven't even started yet. This is just the beginning (muahahaha!!!). Saint Nikki's good deeds will be balanced out by an abundance of screaming, shrieking, "Omigod, [insert the Phillie/Twin/Ranger/Ray's name here] has SUCH A NICE ASS!!!" and the occasional (OK, slightly more than occasional) swear word...or string of swear words (promptly followed by an apology to the baseball gods).

But I digress. Today, you lucky, lucky folks, you've been saved from baseball-related grammar/spelling errors. I'll save those for once the playoffs have started. You can thank BETSEEEE for this--this morning she sent me an error I couldn't resist posting today. She quipped, "This isn't music to my ears," and I've gotta agree with her. A voila/viola error doesn't sound pretty or look pretty on a web page. But hey, the cardigan's pretty cute! (I'm like a magpie in human form--I go for anything that sparkles.)

Happy freakin' Monday, everyone!


mama grammarphile said...

Oh, need to calm down already. Try a some pixy stix or something. lol

I know you are always nice, but I appreciate the extra care you will be taking so as not to upset the baseball gods.

Wish you were here so we could watch the games together.

Love you.


But should I have red Pixy Stix to honor the Phillies, or blue to support the Twins? Perhaps one of each...perhaps more than one of each... :)

I wish we could watch the games together, too--even though I know my screaming scares the kitties, haha! Love you too, Mom!

mama grammarphile said...

You only need red pixy stix. Phillies red pixy stix. Not Reds red pixy stix. Not Twins blue pixy stix. Just Phillies red pixy stix. Got it?

Love you.


Red AND blue cover all my favorites--Phillies, Twins, Rangers, Rays! ;)

Those sweet Twins I met in Philly would be sooooooo sad if they knew that the mother of the biggest (OK, maybe the *only*) Twins fan on the east coast isn't also rooting for the Twins at least up 'til the World Series! You're gonna hurt their feelers! Hehe.

Cole Garrett said...

First of all, go Rangers. They always blow it after the all-star break.

Second, I would have totally missed this error. I would have been skimming this ad and just assumed viola was some fashion term I wasn't aware of.

BTW, I have one for you. What email can I send it to?

Cole Garrett said...

LOL. Never mind. I found the email on the front page. Look for it. :)


I'm rooting for the Rangers too, Cole! They're my third favorite team. I already liked CJ Wilson a lot--I became a fan of him because he's a Lost fan and we tweeted each other about Lost once, haha!--and then when Lee became a Ranger, I magically had yet another favorite team.

LOL...nope, there's no "viola" in fashion...just in music! ;)

Thank you--looking forward to checking out the grammar error you've sent!