Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is not a grammar FAIL. This is a grammar WIN.

I like being a snarky little so-and-so about bad grammar. Generally, if I see or hear hideous grammar, I'm all over it in a very sarcastic way.

But sometimes there are exceptions. Sometimes somebody goes and uses a pseudo-word that I have
mocked the hell out of before...and somehow makes it endearing.

Today that person is Roy Halladay. The Phillies pitcher known as Doc said "funner" in a little interview on the evening the Phillies not only became NL East champions for the fourth year in a row, but also clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs due to having the best record in the National League.

Dear Doc was covered in champagne. This is his first trip to the postseason. He's excited--can you blame him?
Big League Stew reported that Halladay told Philadelphia broadcaster Gary Matthews "It's been fun, but it's only gonna get funner."

That's right. He said "funner."

And I freakin' loved it. I dare you, fellow grammar fiend, to not love it too (unless you're a Mets fan, in which case I'll understand why you hate it).

I swear I have not taken total leave of my senses when I tell you that sometimes, in very rare circumstances (especially those involving talented and attractive baseball players)...bad grammar can actually be good. Not good in the sense that we're going to want to use it in formal correspondence, of course...but good in the sense that it's charming and smile-inducing.

Bring on the funner! (And bring on the Phillies baseball, too. Halladay FTW!)


Liebchen said...

I heard that! And you're completely right. I hate funner from everyone else but him.


You know what would really be funner? Another WS trophy! ;) Go, Phils!!!

keps1230 said...

but the most funnerest would be if it were the Twins with that trophy :)


I so desperately want it to be a Phillies/Twins World Series matchup. But that would be both the BEST THING EVER and total *hell* for me--one of my favorite teams would be guaranteed to win, while another would lose. I'd have to be happy and sad at the same time!