Monday, September 27, 2010

MISSPELLING MONDAY for September 27, 2010

Well, hello there, dear readers! I'm back after a brief hiatus, which could technically be called vacation even though it really wasn't. I took vacation time off work and did some fun things, such as celebrating approximately 2/3 of my favorite baseball teams clinching their divisions (Twins and Rangers, I can't wait to watch you in the playoffs...and Phillies, hurry the hell up and clinch the NL East already, OK?), got a massage, went to a concert by my favorite punk band that hardly anyone seems to have heard of, and actually got some sleep (that's a rarity). But I also worked like crazy on my book, and I'm proud to say that I'm now about halfway done writing the first draft of the book that's been my baby for a couple years now. I'm re-energized and re-inspired about the story as well as the writing process, and I'm beginning to think that having a complete first draft written by the end of the year is actually an attainable goal.

And now it's Monday, and breakfast was green tea (healthy) and Pixy Stix (not so healthy), and as a result, I'm giggling at absolutely everything. Being back at work is hilarious, the 68 (not even kidding) spam comments I moderated out of this blog were hilarious, and today's misspelling (above) seems hilarious even though it's really kind of mundane. Now if only I can keep this energy level for the rest of the day (to catch up on all my office work) and the rest of the evening (to write a few more chapters)...


mama grammarphile said...

Oh, no...not Pixy Stix! It must be
really bad if you are breaking out the Pixy Stix for breakfast.

As your mother, I am obligated to remind you that it would be a good idea to counteract the Pixy Stix with at least one healthy food today. As my daughter, I am sure you feel obligated to roll your eyes as you read that. lol

I am sorry I am so far away and will not be able to see you bouncing off the walls today. I hope your coworkers find you amusing.

Love you.


The Pixy Stix were more of a preemptive strike against the monotony of non-novel-related work. ;) All of a sudden, everything's soooooo much more exciting! And just you wait--this will be NOTHING in comparison to what I'll be like if the Phillies clinch tonight! ;)

I have green beans and Easy Mac (separately, not together!) here for lunch...hey, at least the veggie is healthy...

I've actually been pretty quiet in my hyperactivity--I have plenty to catch up on! And I swear I didn't roll my eyes. Seriously! ;)

Love you lots, Mom! :)

keps1230 said...

I randomly found your blog, and had to start following... Loving it!!
I am a big baseball fan myself, and the Twins are my team, so that thrown in, makes for good reading!
Good luck to your Phillies!

A new reader,


Hi, Christine! It's great to meet a fellow Twins fan! I love your photography--the pics you took during your Target Field tour were so much fun to check out. :) I'm gonna start following your blog, too. Let's go, Twins! (My dream World Series matchup would be Phillies and Twins--I hope they can both get to the Fall Classic this year!) :)