Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR for August 25, 2010

So I was wandering around NYC with a friend on Saturday and saw this absolutely brilliant sign. I don't mean brilliant brilliant--I mean brilliant in its hilarity.

I immediately started making very predictable jokes about how if the psychic was really a good psychic, he (or she--what sort of gender might someone named "Young" be, exactly?) would have warned the sign-maker that he should be especially careful printing the word tarot because he was bound to forget the letter o. No such luck, apparently. If you want my opinion, this psychic's not even worth ten bucks!

Then I started making snarky little jokes about how a tart card reading will be able to tell you whether or not you're ever going to become a prostitute. My friend was confused. "You know, a tart?" I said. "Same thing as prostitute...hooker...harlot...hussy...etc." Well, he had no idea that "tart" could mean that. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I looked it up online, since you can always believe everything you read on the internet, right? Luckily is quite reputable, though, and it told me that yes indeed, "tart" can mean "prostitute or promiscuous woman." Also luckily, I knew I needed something for this week's Hump Day Grammar post, and this picture fit the theme quite nicely (hooray for good timing!). :)

Happy Hump Day, you wild and crazy kids!


MarieC said...

Or, Young could have requested that the sign read TAROOT cards, so that when the maker left off an O, it would be correct. :-)


Now that's some smart thinkin', Marie! :)

EVula said...

As if I need to provide another example of why we're friends, that's how I interpreted "tart" as well. :)


LOL! Not surprised, EVula...totally not surprised! :)