Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR for August 11, 2010

Heh. I think the debate is actually about the right to bare labia. This beaver is showing off her labia, not bringing it forth, holding it, carrying it, transmitting it, being entitled to it...etc.

Oh, Minnesota...while you do have a bit of a beaver problem on your hands, at least today you have a first-place baseball team, which is all kinds of awesome!

Happy Hump Day, you crazy kids!


Bridgete said...

Did you notice the redundancy of "has has torn"? It activated my intolerance. ;)


OMG! Good eye, Bridgete--I didn't notice that!

I wonder if there's medicine we can take for our redundancy intolerances... ;)

Faith said...

I'm surprised they put the word vagina in the headline. It sort of makes up for the lack of grammar.


Ha! Well, it *almost* makes up for the grammar, IMHO. But yeah, I was glad they weren't afraid to sue the big, bad V-word! ;)