Friday, August 27, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAY for August 27, 2010

You guys, I'm starting to get sad. It's almost September. Which is fine, really, but after September comes October, and after October, there's no baseball. And I know I have more than a full month left of regular season baseball and then a month of playoffs to watch, but I know the end of the season is coming...and I don't like it. So I'm trying to cheer myself up by snarkin' on crappy spelling.

This one's from KIM M. The word Denny's should have used is perishable. Oh, Denny's...this is not a Grand Slam of a sign. This is you striking out looking (but not, regrettably, at the dictionary).

(Why yes, clearly I can find a way to tie anything back to baseball...)

And this one's from
WINONA. She says: My band, The Mugwumps, played at the Taste of Chicago (a RIDICULOUSLY fun and huge festival celebrating food and some music thrown in there, too) on June 29th. One of my bandmates had purchased food tickets in advance and also got a flier with a map of the food booths. Within the tag cloud graphic on the front, we found a big error... I'm meat-eating, so I'm not offended for that reason, at least.

So what am I hungry for on Foodie Friday? A Phillies win, goddammit! Low-calorie and immensely satisfying.

Have a happy weekend full of good food and/or good sports! :)


Jon said...

I thought it was vagitarian. No, that's a different preference.


LOL! Indeed--and probably an intentional misspelling, in that case!

Anonymous said...

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