Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion WIN...grammar FAIL!

How freakin' great does Betsey Johnson look at age 68? She's always wearing (and designing) the cutest stuff. More importantly, she always seems to be having fun! I adore Betsey (obviously, since I have a closet full of purses and dresses she designed...thank you, sample sales and outlet!).

But I do not adore the grammar in the above article. It's only an itsy-bitsy blurb, and look how many things this writer managed to screw up in such a small amount of space! Ugh.


mama grammarphile said...

Sometimes one must choose between good grammar and good fashion, Sweetie.

Which one will you choose?

Love you.


Well, today I just finished up a post on homonym errors...while wearing a Betsey skirt. Perhaps I have the best of both worlds? :)