Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to Backwardsville, PA!

Although I'm from the Philly suburbs (and that's where I call home), before I moved to New York I'd lived in central Pennsylvania for a while. Central PA's an interesting place. Many of its natives dig country music, huntin', and fishin'. Many of them drive pickup trucks (sometimes with shotgun racks mounted in the back). Some of them are Amish. Some of them are somewhat toothless.

Simply put, Pennsyltucky can sometimes be a kind of...backwards place. And today's featured typo supports that theme. Instead of presenting free movies, one central PA town is preventing them! That doesn't sound like much fun, does it? Backwards, indeed!

Thanks to MIKE S. for spotting this typo!


Justin on The Point said...

I'll never forget, shortly after I first moved out there, when I saw a deer tied to the back of an SUV on the was that moment that I knew I was in a special place.


I had a co-worker (not at the stations you and I worked at) who hit a deer one morning while driving to work. He was really ticked that because he was already late for his morning show, he couldn't gather up the deer and take it home so he could have a nice venison dinner later on. Special place, indeed. ;)

MarieC said...

Sounds like a similar mentality as in the movie "Footloose" where the town tried to prevent dancing. And we all know how that one turned out! ;-)


Marie, I've actually never seen that movie! (I'm cinematically challenged!) ;)