Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's All-Star Game day!

I love the All-Star Game. The vast majority of my very favorite players get to play in that game, which means I only have to watch one game that night and I get to see more hotness than I typically see in any regular baseball game. This year I'll be drooling over my favorite talented/gorgeous players Mauer, Halladay, Hamilton, Longoria and Lee, while wishing Utley was well enough to play.

One thing I know for certain is that contrary to what the above article says, the National League has not won since 1996. The American League always kicks their butts. (Perhaps this year will be different...but I doubt it!) Clearly that article's author meant to say "hasn't" instead of "has."

Happy All-Star Game day to you...who else is gonna be watching the game? I'll be bringing a towel to wipe up all the drool... ;)


MarieC said...

I haven't seen an All-Star Game in YEARS. It is always on the same night as the last summer swim meet of the season (yeah, I know, just where the HECK are my priorities?). I think the AL will probably win again, but I hope all your hotties do you proud. :-)

(Just how much do you think the death of G. Steinbrenner will upstage the actual game??)

mama grammarphile said...

I know this is your Super Bowl
Sunday, so enjoy the game, Sweetie.
Let's go, NL!

Love you.


@ Marie: Awww! It's a shame you won't be able to tune in--I hear a certain former Mariner will be pitching! ;) Good luck to your son in his swim meet, though!

(Yeah, I was thinking about that, too--I think Steinbrenner's going to steal a lot of the spotlight tonight!)


@ Mama Grammarphile: Thank you! I can't wait! Let's go, National League! And...let's look hot, American League! LOL. Love you, too!