Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for June 15, 2010

If any of you read Gawker, you've probably noticed that they're enjoying the hell out of mocking American Apparel for their silly dressing/grooming requirements. I find it ironic that while folks in management at AA act like elitist jerks, not letting any "uglies" work for them (and then making the non-uglies who are okayed to work for them conform to ridiculous clothing/grooming standards), they're not paying attention to how ugly their grammar and spelling skills are.

While perusing some of the AA documents Gawker's posted on its website, I've seen a lot of crappy spelling and grammar. Here's just one print-screened example--a homonym error followed a few paragraphs later by a completely stupid misspelling of Doc Martens.

Also, on a non-grammar-related note, what the hell is AA's obsession with white Keds? I'm so glad I have never wanted to work at an AA--any fashion-oriented place that would approve of me wearing white Keds is not somewhere I'd feel comfortable working (unless they make white Keds stilettos that I don't know about...?).


MarieC said...

This will tell you how old and frumpy I truly am: I've never even heard of American Apparel. Oh, and isn't "chique" in paragraph A about shoes a misspelling, too??


You are not old and frumpy! And I don't think it's a bad thing that you've never heard of American Apparel. ;) Good call on "chique"--yes, that is an error, and I can't believe I didn't spot it!

Danaconda said...

Holy shit. I can't believe it took me this long to find you. I too am an editor who cringes at grammar mistakes that tend to happen all too often. I fucking hate when it happens in my blog, but as you know it's difficult to edit your own writing.

When I was five years old I couldn't get over that this bodega in the Bronx wrote "Cofee" on the awning. What. The. Fuck?

When I was two I used to make my parents put my ABC noodles in alphabetical order before I ate them. But don't tell anyone that...it's kinda weird. Wait, why am I telling you this?


Hi, Danaconda! Glad you found me! :) I think you and I are gonna get along fabulously. Your story about the ABC noodles made me giggle! Don't feel bad--you weren't the only young spelling/grammar fiend. Here's my own story of how grammatically neurotic I was in my early years: