Monday, June 7, 2010

Lazy, link-laden Monday...

So today I'm lazy and cranky because I went to the dentist to have a few fillings done. These hurt more than the root canal I had done a few years ago. (This is because I have incredibly sensitive teeth and also because I have TMJ, which means I have flare-ups and muscle spasms whenever I've been stuck full of Novocaine.) I'm hungry and I can't eat--well, I'm eating soup, but I am not going to dare eating anything besides soup for the rest of today since I am certain it's going to hurt to chew (it's not my teeth that will hurt--it's my jaw and its surrounding muscles, all TMJ-related).

Luckily, a few wonderful Red Pen readers provided me with some entertaining material to share with you guys in the interim.
BRIDGETE shares her story about why actual human proofreading skills are totally a necessity:

So, I'm working away on a document in Microsoft Word. I have it set to check grammar and spelling as I type. I tend to use the little green underlines to clue me in to sentence fragments because that's generally the only thing it catches for me. So when it does appear on something other than a sentence fragment, I feel compelled to check it out, thinking I may be able to learn from it. Well, today, it was so blatantly wrong I did an immediate *facepalm*. I wrote, "The document can only be read into evidence..." and I got the green underline on "document can". I investigated, and it claims I had a lack of verb agreement. Microsoft Word apparently thinks the singular form of "can" is "cans". However, you and I both know this is completely wrong, and I would sound like an idiot if I ever said, "The document cans only be read into evidence." Thus, the moral of the story is -- you must independently know the basics of spelling and grammar. Microsoft Word does not know all, and is not an adequate replacement for proofreading.

And she also sent along this very amusing video about why proofreading is important:

And from
KEVIN, here's something that should be filed under "Stuff written by people who clearly should not reproduce":

I'll be back tomorrow when my jaw and teeth feel better and I can actually smile with both sides of my mouth (because of the damn Novocaine, I can presently only smile with one side of my mouth...*sigh*).


mama grammarphile said...

Feel better, Sweetie.

Love you.


Thanks, Mom. Love you, too! :)

Carlos said...

I hope you're feeling better today.


Thanks, Carlos!

Bridgete said...

Well, despite your mouth pain, I'm glad I could provide you with some fodder for a lazy Monday. =)


Thanks for the entertainment, Bridgete! :)