Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm ba-aaaaack!

I'm finally back and in blogging mode again! No, I didn't hop aboard the Twins' plane in Philly and hitch a ride back with them, nor did any of them kidnap me--unfortunate on both counts *sigh*. But I did see some awesome baseball games...

...and no, not from my armchair (or the, um, couch--for those who are furniturely-challenged)*. I actually went to Citizens Bank Park wearing both Phillies and Twins gear, cheered for both teams, and tried to meet players on one team.

This is Justin Morneau and the back of my head. He signed a ball for me. And he had seriously gorgeous blue eyes. Dreamy!

I managed to meet seven Twins (Morneau, Butera, Tolbert, Mahay, Crain, Guerrier, and Baker). I'm sure you've already guessed that I was really freakin' giddy and giggly the whole weekend. ;)

And now I'm back in NY, working on writing my books...

I assure you I am not writing "quicky fiction,"** although I do hope it'll be read, at least. (It is not always fun to write. It will be very fun when it stops and I have two actual manuscripts in front of me.) Is it just me and my gutter-dwelling mind, or does "quicky fiction" sound kinda dirty?

I've got more baseball on tap for this weekend--attending a Twins/Mets game and screaming like crazy for the M&M boys!

* This picture was taken by WIL. I'm embarrassed to see that this billboard was created to promote the Phillies' farm team. Yikes!

** JEANNE spotted this picture in Borders. I wonder if that "quicky" is supposed to be "quirky"? Even still, what would constitute "fun & quirky fiction"?


Winona said...

I believe most people call them "short stories".


Now THAT would make sense! :)