Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR for June 16, 2010

Maybe I just have a realllllly perverted mind, but I giggled a lot when I saw this error. Thinking of someone's concert getting fisted just brings giggles and smirks to my lips, you know? (I giggle at any funny-sounding use of fist or fisted; watching a televised baseball game where a sportscaster says the ball got fisted makes me momentarily turn my attention away from Joe Mauer's sweet butt and makes me giggle.)

Thanks, LadyStyx, for finding this one! Also, this post is dedicated to the fabulous EVula, whose mind needed a little detour to the gutter. ;)


EVula said...

I *heart* you. You are, far and away, my very favorite Grammarphile. :)


And I *heart* you, too--you are my favorite EVula and gutter-dweller! :)

LadyStyx said...

Well that answers that question. I was cleaning up my desktop and saw the photo file sitting there. Couldn't for the life of me remember if I'd sent it along yet or not. I'm really glad you liked it :)