Friday, June 11, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAY for June 11, 2010

CASEY sent in these errors...which are atrocious enough to make you lose your appetite. "Peices" is annoying (and really, even a second-grader should be able to spell "Pieces" correctly)...but it's "Potatoe" that really gets me. Potato salad normally grosses me out (mayonnaise? ewww!), but add a "toe" into the mix, and it gets even more gross.

Potatoe salad... *shudder* If anybody wants the last half of my Easy Mac, it's yours...I've lost my appetite!


MarieC said...

I remember when Dan Quayle (VP under Bush I) caught all sorts of flak for misspelling "potatoe" that way. I don't recall the exact circumstances, but it was a huge scandal at the time.


I don't remember that particular instance of misspelling, but I do remember that Quayle was rather notorious for his terrible spelling skills!

Moira said...

If I recall correctly, he was actually acting as a judge in a spelling bee.