Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why my mom is awesome:

* Because I got my spelling/writing skills from her. (Thanks, Mom!)
* Because she and my dad brought me up on a steady diet of baseball (yay!).
* The combination of those two things made me realize right away that Andre Ethier's name was spelled wrong on MLB's front page. But I digress...
* Because she's a great friend as well as a great mom--whenever I meet a band/baseball player/etc, she's the first one to whom I want to tell the story.
* Because she doesn't make fun of me too much for my silly BILF fixation. Not even when I'm being totally loud, giggly, and obnoxious. (I think back in the day she had one, too--I think I remember her saying she had a crush on Johnny Callison. Right, Mom? Hehe.)
* Because she makes the best home-cooked meals. Lean Cuisines are not meals cooked with the kind of love that Mom bakes into her shell casserole!
* Because she always does little things that remind me that she cares, like asking how Lost was (and then listening to me try to explain it) even though she doesn't watch the show, or remind me to watch Flash Forward because she knows I come thisclose to forgetting it every week.
* Because she's cool with me being an eccentric writer-type. And even though Mom sometimes thinks I'm weird, she loves me for it.
* Because she consistently treats everyone the way she wants to be treated--and ingrained this golden rule in her daughter's head, too.
* Because she's brave enough to attend a Phillies/Twins game with me in a little over a month, fully knowing that she's going to be deaf by the time she gets back home.
* Because she is the best shopping buddy. And tea-drinking buddy. And Boggle-playing buddy.
* Because she didn't sell me to the Gypsies like she threatened to when I was little. (She was very surprised that I actually believed that she would. She was also surprised that I was convinced there were bands of Gypsies wandering around south Jersey, where we lived at the time.)
* Because she reads this blog every day.
* Because when she does read this blog, sometimes she'll catch typos I've made during my half-asleep blog-writing sessions, and she'll e-mail me about it so I can fix it before I look like a jackass to the rest of you. ;)
* Because somehow, even though she didn't always have the best parents, she made it a goal for her to be the best parent--and congratulations,'ve succeeded! :)

To all of you who are mothers and to all of you who have wonderful mothers--happy Mother's Day to you and yours! And a special Happy Mother's Day to Mama Grammarphile, whom I love very, very much, and who truly is the best!


mama grammarphile said...

Thank you, Sweetie.
I love you, too.

Robin said...

Your mom IS awesome!! Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. H!


@ Mama Grammarphile: You are the best! Hope you enjoyed the Phillies' win today. Love you!


@ Robin: I got really lucky in the Mom department, didn't I? :) Hope you and Daryl are doing well!

Bridgete said...

Aww, this is sweet. Sounds like we both have pretty awesome moms! =)


Yes, we do! :) (And KC, if you are reading this--happy belated Mother's Day to you!)