Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for May 18, 2010

Tonight is the last Tuesday night I'm ever gonna watch Lost and write a recap. (I'll be recapping the finale, of course, but that's on Sunday night--and for me it's wedged in between going to a Phillies/Red Sox game Sunday daytime and then meeting Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels on Monday. Who's gonna be the most hyperactive girl EVER on Sunday and Monday? Yeah, that'd be me.)

But anyway, I'm starting to get all sad about the end of Lost. Well, sort of--I'm glad they're not doing something awful like dragging it out for a million years, making it jump sharks and Taweret statues and glowy caves, oh my! The story needs to end, we need (some, but not all) answers, and I need to get some freakin' sleep on Tuesday nights.

But I digress. In honor of the last Lost episode on a Tuesday, here's a Lost homonym error from fellow Lostie MAGGIE. Apparently some silly writer interviewed Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and left a homonym error in the article. Too bad we can't send Smokey (or Other Mother/FMom, or Keamy, or Mikhail...) after 'em. That would cut down on grammar/spelling errors, right? People might actually proofread their shit because they don't want to incur the wrath of the smoke monster.

Enjoy the last Lost episode before the finale...I'll have the recap posted at 9 AM EST tomorrow. :)

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